Packaging Information

Please following our packaging guideline

Your Parcel

  • You can use a box or carton and make sure it is sound and strong. Suitcases can be sent as they are, but must be locked
  • Pack your boxes with sufficient packing, use bubble wrap and don’t leave any spaces
  • Keep your package to under 30kg. If it is over 30kg you will be charged extra, so split your goods into two cartons
  • Items over 1m in length or height will incur extra charge
  • Items over 1.5m in length or height will not be accepted for shipping
  • Carefully seal your carton with proper packaging tape
  • If your package contains fragile items make sure it is marked FRAGILE


  • Remove all old labels and addresses from the package
  • Write the delivery address very clearly on the package
  • Include the postcode and receivers contact phone number
  • You can also attach the delivery address to a white paper on the box
  • Remember to put your email on the package clearly marked as the sender

Dangerous or Prohibited Goods

  • We cannot ship any package containing any item that is classified as dangerous or prohibited.
  • Check the Australian Customs Office website and identify any restrictions within the country you are sending the parcel to

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